logistics company in Johannesburg

We are the best logistics, supply chain , distribution, and warehousing in Johannesburg


We are by far the best logistics, distribution, transportation, warehousing company in Johannesburg, with our reputation for excellent service, we come highly recommended in our field

Our Visions

As part of our customer care, we have professional agents ready to assist our customers any time of day

Quality service

We help our customer to compete in the highest levels and run best in class as we offer world-class customer service

Integrity and Honest

We have always believed in hard work and honor as we build our business on trust and respect and we stay committed to our clients

logistics company in Johannesburg


Between the point of departure and destination, there is WAVE LOGISTICS

WAVE LOGISTICS  is a core business of overland transport, air & sea freight and logistics, the company also operates a number of highly specialized distribution and warehousing solutions, based in Johannesburg,( South Africa ). This includes logistics consultancy, hi-tech businesses,  logistics consulting and telemarketing, railway transport, and the wave logistics distribution and warehousing services,  bundling of services allows us to respond to customer needs quickly and flexibly.

It is important to know who handles your cargo when you trust your cargo to WAVE LOGISTICS AND DISTRIBUTION we guarantee quality services you. We know a unique business needs a unique solution, we provide a dedicated on-site team and logistics management to suit your needs



Mission & Values

Our vision is to offer dedicated transport, logistics, supply chain, distribution,  and warehousing solutions

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Quality Service

Our quality services are customized for  freight management, logistics, distribution, and market access services

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Services We Provide

Delware Consulting understands that to help meet client challenges and
opportunities successfully in a global economy


We offer trucks rental (local and across the border), fleet management   school kids transport , staff busies and private shuffle for hire


Dealing with a wide range of  heavy goods coming from different countries, you can count on us for your shipment  by sea

Advanced Electronics

Significant value by providing security solutions across industry verticals.

Travel, Transport & Logistics

Managing overcrowding in tourism destinations to help clients.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Challenges in healthcare lead to need for new products and solutions

Advanced Electronics

Electricity demand more could be the potential for increased revenue sales