NTS  Catering strives to meet our customer’s demands to ensure our mutual benefits and growth. We believe that quality food is a necessity of life and aids in human development and growth which improves output and productivity, therefore, having access to nutritious food is fundamental.

Events Catering

We cater to cooperate, individually, uptown food and beverages catering in Johannesburg in a cost-effective manner

Mobile and Delivery

Best food trucks, food carts, mobile kitchens, and bars, we deliver simple lunch cooked at our kitchens in a cost-effective manner, and hygiene is our priority.


We offer full decor and equipment  and  skilled professionals with more than 10 experience team in decor and design in Johannesburg

Event Staffing

We undergo great lengths to handpick out the team for world-class staffing solutions, we ensure your event is well served and put that smile on your face.

Event Planning & Coordination

Planning is an event is a strategy, or direction, and making decisions on allocating its staff to pursue this event.

Mobile Kitchen and Bar

You don’t have to compromise you funny or limit your outdoor event as we offer a mobile kitchen that  will prepare a full catering and a mobile bar fully equipped with full service


NTS catering is the leading catering and event management company in Johannesburg .we determined to helping our clients and making their event spectacular, we flexible and cost-effective with our customized services

We are up to date with market and industry trends, no compromise in quality in any aspect of your event NTS is flexible in the approach we leave our clients free from work, quality and services are not only our number one in priority in any operations we undertake, commitment, training and developing our staff for the best events, but our focus also is on punctuality hence we deliver our services in time as requested

Our staff is always in uniform to show the professionalism of the company


Working Process

We proved extraordinary dining experience  with a quality formula moral and upright employees

You call

We are just a call away for a solution.

We set up your event

We get started with the necessary set.

Your event

Your event is finally a success.

Trust, Transparency & Integrity: Our recipe for success

We are Hiring !

As we always say our staff is hand-picked for quality services, and we believe everyone can perform well to the good of the company if they are position at the right post.

  • Events management and coordination
  • Waiters/waitrons, chefs and bartenders
  • Cleaners and assistance
  • Event security and bouncers