Who We are

We are a dynamic and innovative company that creates
superior entrepreneurs and market-leading business

Mission & Values

We will continue to be market-focused highly innovative and committed to excellence

Our History

NTS Holdings was founded in 2014 by an ambitious young man with the aim of grooming upcoming entrepreneurs.

Johannesburg’s best consultation company is dedicated to entrepreneur Consulting.

We are a  professional and experienced consulting firm in Johannesburg with more than 10 years  in the industry, we aid businesses to grow and increase the revenue, we strive to be up to date with market and industry trends as a guide for our daily planning and market research, we mentor  leaders as a tool to drive the business to a leading world-class company

NTS Holdings is a global management consulting firm, that serves the private, public, and social business sectors. our clients make significant and realize their most important goals

We offer a personal relationship with high-quality services within the consultation business, our skilled, friendly staff, and consultants that will inform clients of our products and services and yet remain dedicated to growing with our clients


NTS HOLDINGS provides advanced and specialized expects to consult and capture challenges and create opportunities

Discuss Your Goal

Get to know how your business come about and how it was planed

Pick Up Challenges

Analysis of the process and functionality of the organization and establish the downfall

Create a Solution

We  grow together  creating  opportunities


NTS Holdings  Bussiness  Consulting understands and helps the client meet  challenges and
opportunities successfully in global markets.
  • Collaborations
  • Consultations
  • Innovation
We collaborate with leading businesses and corporates to tackle their most important challenges and capture their great opportunities.
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NTS is the leading consultation company contently on deep industry knowledge with specialized expertise personal in strategy operations in risk management.
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We are a global creative consultancy at intersections of brands, culture, and innovation, we panter with world-leading businesses and help them succeed on the edge of change.


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We offer different integrated services
to meet customer’s needs. We design environmental friendly and quality solution at a cost-effective manner.